This component will contribute to the PDO by strengthening the livelihoods of poor households in coastal communities, in order to facilitate fishers’ compliance with fisheries management measures that will safeguard coastal and marine fisheries resources. It will facilitate alternative and complementary livelihoods through a combination of technical and financial support for the implementation of sub-projects, complementary capacity-building and mentoring of beneficiaries.

A holistic approach, targeting complementary livelihood development, will be pursued, in part through the development of strategic partnerships with new or existing commercial enterprises applying aquaculture or agriculture contract farming schemes benefiting smallholder producers. More broadly, small-scale livelihood sub-projects, implemented jointly or individually by small groups [Common Interest Groups (CIGs) and Community Based Organizations (CBOs)], will be supported through a combination of grant provision, technical assistance and enterprise and skills training.

The component comprises two Sub-components:

(i) Enhanced Coastal Community Livelihoods (ECCL) and

(ii) Support Services for Livelihood Enhancement and Capacity Development.