Component 2


Component 2: Coastal Community Empowerment and Livelihoods.

This component will strengthen livelihoods in coastal communities through provision of technical and financial support. The support will include demand-driven sub-projects and complementary capacity-building and training of beneficiaries. The component has two sub-components:

Sub-component 2.1 – Enhance Coastal Community Livelihoods

The activities in this sub-component are implemented through three categories of small grants or sub-projects. Communities are supported to develop Community Integrated Development Plans (CIDP) to guide prioritisation of interventions and competitive selection of the subprojects submitted through common interest groups

The selection criteria ensure inclusion of sub-projects led by youth and women. Other interventions in this component include:

Sub-Component 2.2 – Support services for Livelihood Enhancement and Capacity Development

The participating counties will provide a package of support services and capacity-building for beneficiary common interest groups (CIGs) and community based organizations CBOs). This will empower them to complement the activities facilitate effective implementation of enable them effectively implement sub-projects. needed to deliver and complement the activities under Enhanced Coastal Community Livelihoods (ECCL) investments. This includes technical assistance to identify recipients of sub-project grants; to support preparation, management and oversight of sub-projects; and training to grant recipients

Strategic Partners

KEMFSED has formed strategic partnerships with four commercial enterprises implementing aquaculture or contract farming schemes to provide technical assistance to smallholder producers improve their access to markers.

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